The Pleats are comprised of 4 members. Laurie Dalton and Brenda Manderson both of Kingsbridge, and Nick and Nicole Reid of Kincardine. The group was founded in 2008. The unique 3-part harmony sung by Nicole, Brenda, and Laurie makes every performance warm and memorable. Nick Reid further enhances each song with bagpipes or drums. The Pleats play a variety of music ranging from celtic to folk to country and bluegrass chosen to highlight and bring together every instrument and/or voice in perfect harmony.

Laurie Dalton: BassGuitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Brenda Manderson: Piano, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nicole Reid: Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nick Reid: GreatHighland Bagpipes, Shuttle Pipes, Snare, Djembe.