Events – Kincardine Scottish Festival

Events are taking shape for 2023!

Expect all the great things from this year's event that you have experienced in the past, including...


The Pipers are Coming!

Join The Guelph Pipe Band on July 8th at the Kincardine Scottish Festival for an afternoon of Scottish music as they bring 101 years of piping and drumming to the main stage with Mika McCairley, Alanna Jenish and with special guests Madison Violet. As one of the oldest bands in Canada, The Guelph Pipe Band fuses ancient traditions with modern approaches to the music of the great highland bagpipe.

Find out more about the Guelph Pipe Band and the Event schedule here.

Highland Dance Competiton

Take in the amazing skills of Highland Dance

Featuring traditional Scottish dances in a wide range of age groups, the Kincardine Scottish Festival hosts dance competitions that will make you feel like you're in the highlands... or the lowlands for that matter. Take a look at some of the amazing competitors' technique, stamina, and strength from previous festivals!

Pas de Bas/Pas de Bas Hi Cuts

Is one of the first dances taught in Highland Dance. This dance is exactly the same as the first step of the Sword Dance, but is danced to the front without the use of swords. It is usually taught to young dancers who are not yet prepared to learn the entire Sword Dance

Sean Truibhas

Used to depict the Scottish displeasure at being forced to wear trousers by the English. Dancers’ movements show pleasure at shedding the trousers and donning the kilt.

Highland Fling

One of the oldest traditional dances. Originally performed by male warriors as a victory dance over a tang (shield).

Sword Dance

Dating back to 11th Century, this is a victory dance where the victorious warrior places his sword over that of the defeated. Touching or kicking the sword results in a deduction or disqualification.

Heavy Athletic Events

Stone Throw

A stone is thrown in a style similar to the modern shot-put for maximum distance. The modern Track and Field shot-put has, in fact, its roots in the Heavy Events.

Weights (Over the Bar)

The weight is thrown one-handed over a bar set at increasing heights. The weight is attached to a metal ring handle. The thrower has three tries for each height (12-25 lbs).

Weights (For Distance)

These weights are metal with a chain and ring handle. The weights include Light (28lb) and Heavy (56lb) with the overall length of each implement being 18 inches. The athlete has a 9’ run up and must throw the weight with one hand. The object is to throw the weight as far as possible.

Hammer Throw

The hammer head is metal, and the shaft is wood (rattan or bamboo),or plastic eg. PVC pipe. The total weight of each hammer is 16 lbs (light) and 22 lbs (heavy). The length of the hammer can be no longer than 50” overall. The hammer must be thrown with the feet in a fixed position, but a competitor may move his feet after the hammer is released.

Clan Avenue

Find out about your own heritage or the history of different clans from near and far on our Clan Avenue!

This year we are sure to hear some great stories from clans like MacKenzie, Gregor, and Fergusson, in addition to the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada. They are sure to share wonderful stories that will take you on fascinating journeys of history and cultural heritage – conversations that help you have a richer, deeper connection to your roots while you enjoy the bustle of the surrounding Festival. If you want to have your clan represented at this year's event, please visit our Clan page, under Get Involved.